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How to come to Odense

How to come to Odense - by train?

Odense is the third largest city of Denmark, a peaceful and beautiful city situated on the island of Funen in the centre of Denmark. From Copenhagen Airport, there are regular train connections to Odense. If you fly to Billund Airport, there are no easy public transport to Odense. We advise to rent a car (1,5-2 hours drive), taxi from Billund to Odense i far too expensive and not recommendable! 

   - Train rides lasts 1.5 hours from Copenhagen to Odense.
   - Buy train tickets in Copenhagen Airport, in Copenhagen Railway Station or at this site www.dsb.dk 
     NB! Tickets MUST be bought before boarding the train!

Going by taxi from Copenhagen to Odense is far too expensive and not recommendable!

   - Taxi rides in Denmark are safe!

Biking in Odense

You can lend city bikes for free for 24 hours. Read more here!

Busses in Odense

When you register, you can buy a bus ticket that gives you free bus rides in Odense during the conference days.

Busses Nos. 41-42 or 44 go from Odense city centre to University Campus & Conference Site 4-5 times per hour.  
NB! Saturday morning only 1 bus per hour between 7.30 and 10 o'clock! 

To come to ADBOU from city centre, take bus No. 61-62 going to 'Højby'. Get off at bus stop called 'Landbrugsvej'.

Download bus map here