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Program 2018

Download the Final Program as pdf here. Download abstract book here.

Invited Guest Speakers

Ben Krause-Kyora, Germany (aDNA in Pathogenes)
Steve Ousley, USA (Forensic Anthropology)
Roberto Macchiarelli (Paleoanthropology)


Speakers in the Scientific Sessions have each 15-17 min for their presentations + 3-5 minutes for questions.
Poster Session contributors should prepare a 2 min presentation of their poster, and have 1-2 min to answer questions.

Wednesday 22 August, 2018

10.00-13.00                        Registration at Conference Venue: University of Southern Denmark, main entrance. Handing out of conference bags.
10.00-13.00                        Mounting of posters: Campus Square - Exhibitions area
13.00-13.15                        Official welcome by the Dean of Health Sciences, Professor Ole Skott     (Room: Auditorium O100)
13.15-14.45                        Invited guest speaker Ben Krause-Kyora:
                                           "Origin and spread of infectious diseases – insights from ancient DNA"       
14.45-15.00                        Coffee and tea
15.00-17.30                        Scientific session 1: Nutrition and body composition   (Room: O97)
                                          Scientific session 2: Bioarchaeology I  (Room: Auditorium O100)

18.00-19.00                        Welcome Reception & first poster view (Campus Square)

Thursday 23 August, 2018

09.00-10.30                        Workshop I: Cohort studies (Room O97)

                                           Workshop II: Paleoepidemiology - the environmental importance of diseases in the past (Auditorium O100)

10.30-10.45                        Coffee and tea
10.45-12.15                        Workshops I and II continued
12.15-13.30                        Lunch
(12.30-13.30)                     (EAA Council meeting, members only, Room O95)
(13.30-14.30)                     (EAA Board meeting, Room O95)

13.30-16.00                        Scientific session 3: Bioarchaeology II (Auditorium O100)
                                          Scientific session 4: Growth (Room O97)
16.00-16.30                        coffee and tea

16.30-18.00                        Scientific session 5: Diseases in the past (Auditorium O100)
                                          Scientific session 6: Genes and Morphology (Room O97)
19.00-22.00                        Casual Conference Dinner at ADBOU, Lucernemarken 20 Read more

Friday 24 August, 2018

09.00-10.30                        Invited guest speaker Steve Ousley:
The State of the Science in Forensic Anthropology" (Auditorium O100)
10.30-11.30                        Guided poster session I, Coffee and tea  (Campus Square)
11.30-12.30                        Scientific session 7: Forensic Anthropology   (Room: O97)
                                          Scientific session 8: DNA (Auditorium O100)
12.30-13.30                        Lunch
13.30-15.00                        Scientific session 9: Perception and Surgery (Room 97)
                                          Scientific Session 10: Biosocial Studies (Auditorium O100)
15.00-15.30                        Coffee and tea
15.30-16.30                        Guided poster session II
16.30-17.30                        Scienfitic session 11: Bioarchaeology III  (Auditorium O100)


Saturday 25 August, 2018

09.00-10.30                        Invited guest speaker Roberto Macchiarelli:
"From the outer morphology to the inner structure. Recent advances and perspectives
                                          in the study of the hominin fossil record"
10.30-11.00                        Coffee and tea
11.00-13.00                        Scientific session 12: Growth and Disease (Auditorium O100)
                                          Scientific session 13: Paleoanthropology (Room O97)

13.00-13.30                        General assembly and Awards, Closing of EAA 2018 and Goodbye  (Auditorium O100)

13.30                                  Lunch to go
14.00-18.00                        Excursion by bus to the Jelling Monuments (Unesco World Heritage)




Workshop I: Cohort studies

Monitored by Nick Mascie-Taylor & Monika Krzyzanowska (Room O97)

Abstract (download)

Workshop II: Paleoepidemiology - the environmental importance of diseases in the past

Monitored by George R. Milner & Jesper L. Boldsen (Auditoriuim O100)

Abstract (download)