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Session 4

Session 4 - Growth


Undernutrition = stunting, stunting ≠ undernutrition. The old fairy tale of “clean your plate”.
Hermanussen M, Bogin B, Scheffler C.  

Modern studies lack evidence of an association between nutrition and height in developing countries.
Scheffler C, Mumm R, Hermanussen M 

Influence of stress in early ontogeny on the hand development and child growth.

Monika Zemanová, Miroslav Králík, Slawomir Koziel, Pavlina Ingrová, Anna Škultétyová.


Biosocial inequalities in height in the 1970 British birth cohort
Monika Krzyzanowska, CG Nicholas Mascie-Taylor

The Effect of Sport Training on Morphological Parameters of Sport Gymnasts at Younger School Age
Petr Kutac.

Pace-of-Life Syndrome – Life-history, risk-taking and cardiovascular physiology in adolescents
Andreas Lehmann, Jana A Eccard, Christiane Scheffler, Ralf HJM Kurvers and Melanie Dammhahn.


Growth of contemporary Greenlandic children exceeds the WHO groth charts.
Mathieu Roelants, M. Kløvgaard, NO Nielsen, TL Sørensen, P. Bjerregaard, B Olsen, P Júliiusson, H. Christennsen.


The Health-Carter somatotype in Russian children and adults and its bioimpedance assessment
Rudnev SG, Anisimova AV, Goina EZ, Negasheva MA, Sindeyeva LV.