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Session 2

Session 2: Bioarchaology I

A torn apart story. A Bronze Age burial from NW Arabia, dismemberment or post-dep disturbance?

Emmanuele Petiti, Alina Zur, Arnulf Hausleiter.

Chasing the commoners – New finds from a Bronze Age excavation at Kalvehavegaard, Denmark.
Svenja Weise, Marlene Refshauge Beck.

Presentation of some artificially deformed crania (5th-6th century AD) from Northeastern Hungary.
István János, László Szathmáry, László Szűcs, Mónika Molnár.

Unrelated Coastal Burials in Denmark. Rituals and Traditions.
Tim Slumstrup Aunkilde.

Interactions between biological sex and frailty: Insights from laser microscopy of enamel defects.
Gamble J, Boldsen J; Hoppa R; Milne B.


Dental enamel hypoplasia and famines: physiological stress in 18th century Provence.
Luana Batista-Goulart, Isabelle Séguy and Gérald Quatrehomme


Osteoporotic bone fractures and bone loss in males from archaeological sites in Kujawy (Poland).
J.Mietlińska, J.Karkus, M.Kurek, P.Borówka, M.Stuss, E.Sewerynek, W.Lorkiewicz, E.Żądzińska


An anthropological overview of the Balkanian populations.
Marios Dimopoulos, Greece