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Abstracts - Abstract Formular

Please use one of these formulars when submitting your abstract (Abstract Form.doc) (Abstract Form.pdf)

 The abstract must contain the following elements:

1. The body of text (up to 1000 signs including spaces).
2. A tittle (up to 100 signs including spaces). The tittle should be informative about the content of the presentation.
3. A list of authors (up to 100 signs including spaces). The presenting author should be the first author.
4. A list of affiliations of the authors (up to 100 signs including spaces) including contact information (e-mail address) of the presenting author.
5. A tick indicating if the presentation will be part of the student’s presentation competition.
6. A choice of subject, chosen from the drop down menu on the registration form. 

Deadlines for submission

Symposia:                31st March, 2018

Oral presentations:   30th April, 2018

Posters:                   30th April, 2018